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Tantric ritual series


Tantric ritual series


Remember how you felt after your first
Awaken Weekend?

So vibrantly alive in your body, so deeply connected to your new friends, so many possibilities for experiencing pleasure and power in your body.

So. Much. Love.

...and have you found that it's been a challenge to maintain and integrate that into your 'normal' life?

Imagine an opportunity to go deeper in community, your connection to yourself and your sexual/sensual awakening.

We will spend 3 months together, meeting each month for a ritual that goes beyond what we were able to share at the Awaken Weekend and expands on the process that began there.

Each ritual will bring you into contact with the present moment and create opportunities for pure interactions with others fueled by reverence, respect and love.

We will complete with a nourishing meal where we will have an opportunity to nurture social bonds as well.

This is perfect for you if you have been wanting an opportunity to stay connected to one another and to this work to truly integrate it into your life and relationships.




Ancient Puja Ritual for Modern Practitioners

The evenings that we will spend together are inspired by Ancient Tantric ritual and are intended to awaken your senses, bring you into contact with the present moment and create opportunities for pure interactions with others fueled by reverence, respect and love.

Throughout the evening we will work with breath, movement, sound, guided visualization and simple partner practices. These practices support us in weaving our personal awakening into our relating with others. This allows for rich connections that many of us are longing for and have not yet been able to touch.

Expect to have a magical evening and leave transformed.

After these ritual events you might experience:

  • Greater sensitivity in your body

  • Easier communication with those you love.

  • Greater self-awareness that allows you to communicate your needs in intimate situations.

  • More pleasure in simple things as well as in lovemaking.



Preparing the Body for Ritual...

Before our program begins, we will get together for a very special preparation call.

We will do a collective practice and you will be supported in creating a personal 'Sadhana' or 'committed practice' leading into our first event. This will be an important part of preparing your body to get the most out of our group rituals. This is also an opportunity for us to meet and to connect as a group for the first time.




Tantric Relationship to Food...

Tantric relationship isn't limited to experiencing more sensation and becoming more conscious in lovemaking!

Many of us are completely unaware of how what we eat affects how alive we feel, our sexual energy and our overall health. Growing in sensitivity in our bodies can extend into our physical health. Together at these rituals we will begin the journey to being deeply nourished by our food. It’s all part of a whole-body awakening and true sexual health.

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Integration + Consistency

Integration + Consistency


The Monday after each Tantric Ritual we will have a sharing circle via phone.

During these calls we will explore what has come up for you during the ritual so you can really get the most out of what you have experienced. The insights that come from ritual are priceless in how they can transform our experience of our life and relationships. Here you will have an opportunity to be heard, honored and supported by the community.

*Recordings will be available for those who cannot attend live.*


During each call I will also be giving you a 5-15 minute practice to do throughout the week. Being in consistent practice together as a group in addition to the times we meet in person brings new depth to everything we are doing. Consistency is ESSENTIAL in order to truly integrate what is opening for you.

My goal is to support you in LIVING your entire life with the same VIBRANCY that you feel at our live gatherings.




3 Months, 3 Puja Rituals, In-depth Community Building & Life-Integration

Summary of What's Included: 

This program is so special because it's not just about the time we will spend together in ritual, it's also a container to support you in truly getting to know one another and genuinely integrating what you are learning through these rituals. 

  • Preparation -

    • We will have a call about a month before we begin the process where we can meet one another virtually and commit to a practice that you will do in preparation for the course (everyone will find something they can easily commit to).

  • Intimacy -

    • Our group is limited to 26 people (rather than 40+).

  • Continuity -

    • We will be together as a committed group go on this 3 month journey together (rather than dropping-in for the evening).

  • Depth -

    • Only those who have already attended the Awaken Weekend and have a foundation in this work are invited to attend this Tantric Ritual Series.

  • Integration -

    • We will have a follow-up phone call a couple of days after each event to check-in about experiences and share.

  • Consistency -

    • During each call I will be giving you a 5-15 minute practice to do throughout the week. You will also have a private Facebook group to share and create 'buddy' relationships.

  • Music -

    • Whenever I do events I am always asked for my playlists so you can enjoy the same music at home... for this course, I will be sharing playlists after each event!

  • Community Nourishment -

    • There will be a beautiful, simple meal served after we complete each ritual evening so we can 'break bread' and continue to get to know one another.

~ Space is strictly limited to 13 men/ 13 women ~

The Awaken Weekend is a pre-requisite

There are community members who have been waiting for this for literally YEARS and I know we will sell out fast! If you are excited by this I recommend registering as soon as you confirm the dates in your calendar to avoid disappointment!!

~ As always, singles and couples are welcome and will be in attendance~


The full investment for the Tantric Ritual Series is: 

$1,500 all inclusive  


$900 or 3 payments of $333

Important Dates:

     Opening call: November 18th ~ 6pm-7pm

     First Ritual Evening: December 5th ~ 5pm-9pm

     Second Ritual Evening: January 9th ~ 5pm-9pm  *Start the new year off right!*

     Third Ritual Evening: February 13th ~ 5pm-9pm  *Celebrate Valentines Day!*

*Rituals will be held in person in Culver City, CA